Dental implant
Compressive implant 🦷
One-piece implant for single & multiple unite cement & telescopic restorations with bendable neck Simple placement & prosthetic procedure Adjustable abutment slope angle Bone condensation design No pumping effect Available prosthetics solutions for multiple unite restorations with external platform Econometric Casting Direct Examples of restorations on one-piece implants Faster with complete overdenture Easy with single tooth restoration Secure nerve bypassing Great esthetic results

All COMPRESSIVE implants are one-piece implants. ,,Compressive” (incl. S, M, MS, MP) are made from
Titanium Alloy Ti-6Al-4V ELI. ,,Compressive K” are made from Commercially Pure Titanium.

The implants are delivered in a sterile packaging
All COMPRESSIVE implants are supplying in
sterile conditions. Sterilized using irradiation.
All COMPRESSIVE implants are single use medical devices, can only be used in sterile conditions are intended